French wine tourism

French wine tourism has a very straightforward purpose: to attract tourists to taste, consume, or purchase wine, often near their source vineyards and wineries. It consists of visits to wineries, vineyards, and restaurants known to offer unique vintages, wine tours, and wine festivals. In these tours, visitors are encouraged to experience food-wine pairings, to stay … Read more

The Wine Road of Alsace (La route des vins d’Alsace)

Alsace enjoys a special, sheltered regional location. The hot summers, warm autumns, and dry climate make it perfect for wine growing, and the differing soils and slightly higher elevations ensure maximum sun exposure for the region’s grapes. Nearly 5,000 growers tend 15,000 hectares of land, and Alsace is the only part of France where the … Read more

The Burgundy Wines

Burgundy wines are made in the Burgundy region of eastern France which includes the slopes and valleys to the west of the Saone River. The region ranges from Auxerre (north) to Macon (south), and sometimes includes the city of Lyon if Beaujolais wines are considered as part of the Burgundy wine producing region. Near Auxerre, … Read more

The Bordeaux Wines

If you plan on visiting the Bordeaux region, you’ll enjoy it all the more if you know a few facts about the wonderful wines produced there. The region produces everything from table wine, or “vin ordinaire,” to some of the most exclusive and expensive wines in the entire world. The vast majority of wine that … Read more

The Beaujolais Wines

The French Beaujolais wine is a wine made from Gamay grape, the kind with thin skin and low in tannins, and tends to be a very light-bodied red wine, relatively having high dose of acidity. The Gamay grape, more accurately known in the wine industry as Gamay Noir à Jus Blanc to differentiate it from … Read more

South of France wines

France is home to the world’s second-largest vineyard area, only behind Spain’s. It is also the world’s largest wine producer. Its wines are known from being expensive high-end wines sold internationally to more modest ones that can only be bought in France. The country’s recognized wine-producing areas are regulated by the Institut National des Appellations … Read more

Champagne Wine

Champagne is the ultimate in sparkling wine and has a protected designation of origin. It comes from the region Champagne in north eastern France. The designation “Champagne” distinguishes not only the geographic boundaries, but also the varieties of grapes used. The region started out in the Middle Ages making non-sparkling wines, but it did not … Read more