The Bordeaux Wines

If you plan on visiting the Bordeaux region, you’ll enjoy it all the more if you know a few facts about the wonderful wines produced there. The region produces everything from table wine, or “vin ordinaire,” to some of the most exclusive and expensive wines in the entire world. The vast majority of wine that … Read more

Surf in Biarritz – Visit Biarritz

Biarritz is a luxurious town by the sea, specifically on the Bay of Biscay on France’s Atlantic coast in the south west. Popular with surfers and other tourists, the town is in Basque territory and you’ll see Basque flags prominently displayed. The city is located in the Aquitaine region in the Pyrénées-Atlantiques department. Eleven miles … Read more


Bayonne is a French city nestled between the banks of the rivers Nive and Adour, just six kilometers away from the Atlantic Ocean. Geographically, the bigger Adour River delineates between Saint Bayonne and Petit Bayonne, while the smaller Nive River separates Petit Bayonne from Grand Bayonne. Located in the south-west area of France, in the … Read more


Bordeaux, most famous for its wines, is more than just one the home of France’s producers of excellent vintages. True to its moniker La Belle Au Bois Dormant, or Sleeping Beauty, the region offers a quiet charm, gorgeous architecture, deep sense of history and great natural beauty. The port city of Bordeaux sits on the … Read more

Pyrenees – Visit the Pyrenees

Looking for a serene place to go on vacation? Well, look no more. The Pyrenees is the place to be. The Midi-Pyrenees to be specific is a beautiful place bordered by the awesome looking Pyrenees Mountains to the south and to the north rests the Massif Central Mountains making the Midi-pyrenees is a vibrant and … Read more

Aquitaine Tourism – Visit the Aquitaine region of France

Aquitaine is a diverse region in south western France, encompassing flat plains, pine forests, lagoons, vineyards (including the town of Cognac, where brandy is made), and the French Pyrenees. As you approach the Pyrenees, the culture takes on Spanish influences particularly in the great resort towns of Bayonne and Biarritz. Aquitaine is made of 5 … Read more