Pyrenees – Visit the Pyrenees

Looking for a serene place to go on vacation? Well, look no more. The Pyrenees is the place to be. The Midi-Pyrenees to be specific is a beautiful place bordered by the awesome looking Pyrenees Mountains to the south and to the north rests the Massif Central Mountains making the Midi-pyrenees is a vibrant and varied region.

When in the Midi-Pyrenees, you do not have to be concerned with where to get accommodation, as the area has numerous cottages to cater for the regions numerous guests. These housing units grant you the chance to lose yourself in the wealth of the landscape, culture and history. Located in the south western region of France, it has numerous wonderful sights and is suitable for either long or short vacations as well as for individuals, parties of friends, couples as well as families who would like to go out on an adventure of discovering what France is all about.

Due to its ideal location, that is, along the France-Spain border it has an enjoyable combination of both Mediterranean and continental climates. The summer at times may get extremely hot while the winters, due to the continental climate, can become quite chilly. If skiing is a hobby of yours, then the Pyrenees is a place you definitely want to visit. The Massif Central Mountains, during winter are covered in snow making them very popular with those that share a passion in skiing. However, don’t let the cold weather conditions fool you. It is estimated that this region on average receives more than 2,000 of sunshine, making it one of the hottest places in France (no pun intended).

Activities that are open for enjoyment when spending a vacation in the Pyrenees are plenty. For instance, holiday cottages, in the region give visitors, the right opportunity to discover the great outdoors by taking them to the numerous gardens and parks filled with a diverse range of flora and fauna. There is also a variety of thrilling and relaxing pursuits that you can take on, such as spas that are equipped with saunas and (get this!) golf courses that are open throughout the year. Other energy-filled activities, such as wakeboarding can be undertaken in the numerous activity centres that can be found in the area or on the lake.

For those who love trying out the cuisine of different places and culture, you don’t have to be concerned with travelling far and wide to come across a diverse range of foods native to this area. The whole place crawls with restaurants and cafes, which thrive on delighting the visitors’ palate.

Cassoulet is a dish that is native to the Pyrenees area. If you are yet to taste it, then you will no doubt like it. Made of meat that which can either from goose, duck or even pork, white haricot beans and pork skin, you will no doubt enjoy it.

And it’s not just the food; there are many wine tasting events that guests are encouraged to take.

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