Paris Museums

Though best known as the city of romance, Paris is also a cultural centre with a rich history. It is no wonder then that museums in Paris are a common sight. There are over 70 museums in Paris and a similar number of monuments to complement them. These tell of the wonderful history that France has had in centuries past in a memorable way. From the French Revolution (defining the concept of democracy in contemporary terms) to the Eiffel Tower, which for a long time was France’s source of pride and joy as the tallest building in the world.

However, none of this shares the kind of prestige and glory that the Louvre has. Officially known as the Grand Louvre it is the most frequently visited museum in the world. The museum was established in the Louvre Palace. It was during the French Revolution, when France’s administration, decided that it should be used to showcase the country’s masterpieces.

This museum in Paris, houses objects in the excess of 380,000 showcases not less than 35,000 works of art. These works of art vary and include paintings, drawings, sculptures, archaeological finds and objects d’art. In 2006, the museum is famously known for having earned $ 2.5 million by permitting the filming of the controversial movie the Da Vinci Code take place in its galleries.

Though most of the works displayed in the Louvre are of French origin not all of them are. Some of the artifacts displayed by the museum were recovered from the period of the Nazi occupation. But that’s not all, there also are other artifacts from across the globe that will greatly fascinate you even if you are not an art person.

Some of the artifacts that should be on your look out least, when you visit the Grand Louvre are: Venus de Millo-this is a statue of the Greek goddess Aphrodite and is named after the island which it was discovered from it dates back to approximately 100 B.C.E; The Seated Scribe- this is an Egyptian sculpture that is magnificent in stature. Made from painted limestone its eyes have been found to have fragments of silver; Michelangelo’s Slaves- Unlike most of the sculptures housed at the Louvre, this artifact is an unfinished carving of a marble sculpture. It is known as the Dying Slave and the Rebellious Slave. It was carved by Michelangelo; Psyche Reviewed by Cupid’s Kiss- though not a famous masterpiece, this particular piece was carved by Antonio Canova in the late 1700s; finally there’s the Winged Victory- which is a statue of the Greek goddess of victory known as Nike. What most people don’t realize about this particular sculpture is that it is very famous despite its not-so important placing at the top of a staircase in the Louvre.

Whether you are an art painting enthusiast or not am pretty certain that you would like to see the most famous painting in the world; The Mona Lisa (amongst other Da Vinci works). Good luck touring the Paris Museums.

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