Paris Department Stores

If shopping is what you are always looking for, then there is not a better place than Paris as it has some of the best department stores in the world. These department stores showcase the latest trends of the fashion world along with providing terraces for enjoying meals, free fashion shows and other shops. Here are some of the most exquisite department stores of Paris that are an attraction in them selves and offer the best products for the shopaholics.

Les Galeries Lafayette: not only is the 10-storeyed department store the best place to shop but it is also the best place to visit as a tourist. The department store has been created with a unique belle epoche style of architecture which gives it the grandeur of a palace. The store specializes in women’s clothing and accessories while there is also an adjacent store that houses menswear and house ware products.

Bazaar de L’Hotel de Ville (BHV): those looking for a more accessible shopping area march to the BHV which is centrally located right across the “Hotel de Ville” street. Parisians head to the store in flocks during the annual sales at the store.

Le Bon Marche: a classic department store, the Le Bon Marche is another of the chic places for those looking for high-fashioned stuff. Over 40 top fashion designers showcase their design collections at the Le Bon Marche. The building that houses the department store has been designed by Gustave Eiffel. The store besides it “hip” clothing is known for its food hall where delicacies from all around the world are served and the wedding boutique.

Au Printemps: yet another flagship department store in Paris is the Au Printemps. It is located in the same block as the Les Galeries Lafayette. The store is popular for its household goods and products from the fashion industry. The store also hosts fashion shows and its beauty department has the largest collection of perfumes.

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