Luxury brands of France : Lancome

Founded by French cosmetician and perfumer Armand Petit jean, Lancôme Paris is a luxury cosmetic company, owned by the world’s giant beauty brand, L’Oreal since 1964. Petit Jean’s motive behind creating this luxury beauty brand was to deliver French grace around the world. Established in 1935, Lancôme is an element of the Luxury Products segment, offering fragrances, and make-up … Read more

Luxury brands of France : Hermes

The world renowned French fashion house, Hermes was established in 1837 by Thierry Hermes. He started off by making fine leather harnesses that were quite popular at that time. However, in present times, the luxury brand Hermes is known not just for its exquisitely designed leather goods, but also for handbags and ready-to-wear fashion, besides … Read more

Luxury brands of France : Givenchy

The inception of Givenchy took place in 1954 when a young designer Hubert de Givenchy opened his first couture house. The house has not looked back since then as Givenchy has turned into a luxury brand that is owned and worn by the elite and the classy. In the initial years of its setup, Givenchy … Read more

Luxury brands of France : Dior

Grace, gumption and style is what Dior is all about. Few luxury brands need no introduction and Dior is undoubtedly one of them. A French luxury brand, Christian Dior S.A. which is popularly known as Dior has its contemporaries in Gucci, Versace and Prada. Dior is primarily a female brand. It deals in a wide … Read more

Luxury brands of France : Chanel

The luxury brand Chanel needs no introduction considering the fan following that the brand sports in all categories of products from the House. Whether it is the perfume or the little black dress, the brand Chanel can be distinguished from a distance. Founded by Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel, the name obtained its foothold in the fashion … Read more

Luxury brands of France : Cartier

In the year 1846 Louis-Francois Cartier created history by laying the foundation of brand ‘Cartier’. Today Cartier is one of the largest jewelry selling brands catering to a niche segment of celebrities. Be it watches, time pieces or elegant jewelry owing a Cartier masterpiece is a treasure in itself. With a strong reputation of excellent … Read more

Luxury brands of France : Louis Vuitton

Marked by traditional craftsmanship and having the passion to excel, the luxury brand Louis Vuitton has come a long way since its inception in 1854. Starting off as a trunk-maker, Louis Vuitton achieved its legendary status for recreating the travel culture by creating such a line of bags, luggage and accessories that were not just elegant but were … Read more