Luxury brands of France : Louis Vuitton

Marked by traditional craftsmanship and having the passion to excel, the luxury brand Louis Vuitton has come a long way since its inception in 1854. Starting off as a trunk-maker, Louis Vuitton achieved its legendary status for recreating the travel culture by creating such a line of bags, luggage and accessories that were not just elegant but were innovative and functional as well.

The legend of Louis Vuitton exists even today because of its uncompromised craftsmanship. A century and a half has passed and manufacturing techniques have changed enormously but Louis Vuitton has stuck to its traditional way of manufacturing luggage; by hand. All LV trunks are made by hand by lining up the canvas and leather with the tiny nails being tapped gently. The solid lock on the LV trunks cannot be picked and travelers have the convenience of having just one key for all luggage pieces.

Innovation holds the key for the success of Louis Vuitton. The brand has never compromised on the quality of materials used, the Damier and Monogram canvas being the unrivalled ruler since its usage in 1896. The wooden frames of the LV trunks are made of poplar which is dried for at least four years before being used. Such uncompromised quality is the reason for the growth and success of Louis Vuitton.

Keeping its date with excellence in all fields, Louis Vuitton has been associated with several events. These include the Louis Vuitton Classic, the automobile collectors’ event; the Louis Vuitton Cup, the trophy for international yachting and the Louis Vuitton Pacific Series, the international sailing event.

The House markets all its LV products through the company-owned stores throughout the world. This ensures the prevention of counterfeit products in the distribution channels on the one hand and on the other it helps the company in controlling the price and quality of its products.

Today the luxury brand Louis Vuitton has forayed into avenues like shoes, jewelry, watches and ready-to-wear garments, each receiving equal fame and popularity.

There are a few official Louis Vuitton stores in Paris. Please find their location on this map:

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