Luxury brands of France : Lancome

Founded by French cosmetician and perfumer Armand Petit jean, Lancôme Paris is a luxury cosmetic company, owned by the world’s giant beauty brand, L’Oreal since 1964. Petit Jean’s motive behind creating this luxury beauty brand was to deliver French grace around the world. Established in 1935, Lancôme is an element of the Luxury Products segment, offering fragrances, and make-up and skin care products in nearly 140 countries in three continents, namely Asia, Europe and America.

Lancôme launched the skincare brand ‘Nutrix’ in 1936 and a skincare line known as ‘Oceane’ in 1965 which are still found in the market. Lancôme products are sold at high end prices for its better advertising in the media, packaging and servicing. Lancôme hires actresses and supermodels with diverse nationalities and backgrounds for the promotion of its new products and to advertise the brand. Then to recompense for the cost, Lancôme prices its goods higher as compared to other products from L’Oreal Corporate.

The Lancôme stores are found in departmental stores, big malls, and free-standing stores as well as in the duty-free stores at the airports. The fact that the brand is epitomized by the global supermodels, perfumers, actresses and make-up artists; Lancôme goods have great demand in the global market. Moreover Lancôme provides more pleasure and satisfaction to its customers than L’Oreal.

L’Oreal, being the world’s largest cosmetic maker, owns Lancôme. In the year 2003, nearly four million British pounds were invested by the L’Oreal Group on media for the promotion of Lancôme. In addition to this, an Italian chief Claudio Collarile has been appointed by L’Oreal to manage the sales duties and marketing for Lancôme in the United Kingdom.

Lancôme luxury brand offers unique beauty products to the world. In collaboration with emerging fashion designers, Lancôme upholds its high end position with excellent services to its customers.

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