Luxury brands of France : Hermes

The world renowned French fashion house, Hermes was established in 1837 by Thierry Hermes. He started off by making fine leather harnesses that were quite popular at that time. However, in present times, the luxury brand Hermes is known not just for its exquisitely designed leather goods, but also for handbags and ready-to-wear fashion, besides several other luxury goods.

Hermes products are known for their superior quality, excellent craftsmanship and unique style. The high fashion house forayed into clothing in the 20s when it created clothes to complement its leather accessories. However, it was finally accepted for its clothing around the 50s when it launched printed silk ties, which took the male customers by a storm. Since then the luxury brand Hermes has never looked back.

Jean Paul Gaultier has been designing the women’s wear collection by the brand since 2004, while the men’s collection is designed by Veronique Nichanian. The brand has 14 product divisions under its names and these include leather goods, scarves, clothes, footwear, perfume, watches, tableware, decorative art, jewelry, stationery and similar items. The Art of Living items and jewelry from the house of Hermes are especially popular among the art connoisseurs.

Keeping up to its tradition of providing the best quality products, Hermes in today’s mechanized world has not adopted any of the modern techniques of mass production. Instead, even today all its products are hand made which provide uniqueness and guarantee of quality to the product. In addition, each product is handled by one person right from fabrication till the end so that the quality is maintained.

To keep strict control over the designs and quality of its products, the house of Hermes has never issued licenses for its products. All products are sold through the company owned stores ensuring the genuineness of the products.

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