Luxury brands of France : Dior

Grace, gumption and style is what Dior is all about. Few luxury brands need no introduction and Dior is undoubtedly one of them. A French luxury brand, Christian Dior S.A. which is popularly known as Dior has its contemporaries in Gucci, Versace and Prada. Dior is primarily a female brand. It deals in a wide range of exquisite apparel, accessories, precious jewelry, awesome fragrances, make up and cosmetic range along with somber timepieces.

Though earlier Dior focused only on women, later it diversified into products for men under the brand of Dior Homme, and for children under the brand of Baby Dior. These products are sold directly through the zero level channels via its online store and also through an exclusive retail distribution channel which complements its brand novelty and exclusivity.

Dior has an immensely strong brand identity. The brand revolves around certain core values which are never compromised for augmenting sales or achieving better brand mileage. The Dior core values underline the continued performance and appreciation for its quality and content at the highest levels and thus the luxury brand is a mega success today.

Dior has moved beyond prĂȘt line into pancakes, accessories and danglers. With Dior designers experimenting extreme, they have been successful in their attempt to make the brand bold and geeky. Dior clothes have always been simple and easy. The power of Dior could be well assessed by the fact that all the Dior fashion shows are always full and looked up to define the fashion statements.

With Raf Simons joining Dior as the artistic director of women Haute couture, accessories and ready to wear apparel Dior is all set to reach the new benchmarks in the fashion industry. Dior has an unparallel history, with its excellent craftsmanship and glorious knowledge in developing and launching world class products. Dior today is one of the most sought after luxury brand that has a long way to go.