Luxury brands of France : Cartier

In the year 1846 Louis-Francois Cartier created history by laying the foundation of brand ‘Cartier’. Today Cartier is one of the largest jewelry selling brands catering to a niche segment of celebrities. Be it watches, time pieces or elegant jewelry owing a Cartier masterpiece is a treasure in itself. With a strong reputation of excellent craftsmanship and exquisite designs Cartier jewelry has its own enigma.

Cartier gained its popularity due to a very strong comprehension of its audience tastes. It never introduced any product which was jazzy or overdone. The subtle, elegant grace adorned in Cartier products has always given the brand an edge over its competitors.

People are known by the way they carry themselves and flaunt their accessories along with other prized possessions. If anyone wears Cartier, respect, dignity and stardom automatically follows. No doubt Cartier is one of the most exquisite and graceful luxury brands of this era. It is a brand which has followed tradition along with a perfect blend of modernity. Cartier products are exclusive and clients prefer the brand only because it is not available everywhere nor it is quite affordable. Cartier is thus synonymous to prestige as possessing a Cartier product classify richness, style and attitude.

Cartier has an impressive distribution strategy. With its presence across the globe, it is planning to enter Middle East and U.S. markets to compete with its counterparts. Cartier is very strong in China market, but then the brand does not want to be over dependent on a single segment.

Top quality luxury watches and jewelry is what Cartier known for. If you are looking for a brand that has an excellent track and global presence you need not look beyond Cartier. After all you are following the world’s most coveted brand meant only for celebrities and stars. Buying Cartier is an entry to the world of fashion, grace and style common only to the millionaires around.

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