Loire Valley – Visit the Loire Valley

If you have never seen or been to a chateau, then you definitely need to, and what better place to do that than at the Loire Valley. There is no higher concentration of chateaux anywhere in the world. Not only are the chateaux numerous, but they are also diverse in architectural design. They are great works of art that will give you a glimpse into the history of the French.

If you would like there are guided tours that are available for visitors, and will give you detailed information on whatever chateaux you decide on visiting. You have to have your entire visit planned out before hand. This is because there are numerous chateaux in the Loire and it is not hard or even impossible to get carried away by their elegance and majesty. It is a good thing to have a map of the area that you will be visiting as this would come in handy in giving you an idea of your bearing.

Though well known for the chateaux that have been built their, the Loire also has a number of leisure parks that would go a long way in making you enjoy the great outdoors. Some of these are Pays de la Loire and Parc Mayenne which are open all year round. The facilities at these parks include sun terrace, outdoor heated pool, kingfisher bar, fishing lakes, golf course, casino, health spa and choice of quality hotels and restaurants.

You could also visit one or even more of the more numerous museums in the Loire Valley and get to appreciate the beauty of France’s rich history. The food at the restaurants is simply exquisite and you will not regret it after having tasted it.

One thing that you do not need to feel concerned about is the accommodation. Due to the great tourist site that the Loire Valley is, it never falls short of great place to sleep at. When deciding what chateaux to go tour, you also need to look at what nearby accommodation options are available and how much they cost. It might also interest you to know, that some chateaux come with their own accommodation arrangements and thus save you the hustle of having to look for alternative accommodation. They offer bed and breakfast, which is really great for you if you intend to be always on the move, yet wanting to have a perfect feel of the chateaux that you visit. Examples of such chateaux include Chateau du Vau, Manoir de Clairbois and Chateau de Vallogon among many others.

It is also worth mentioning that chateaux tours are of different kinds. You could take a walking tour, a bicycle tour or even a self drive tour. So you have no excuse not to have enjoyed yourself while visiting the chateaux. Touring one or even more chateaux in the Loire Valley, is a great way of treating yourself, so go right ahead and have yourself a great time. Have a great time visiting the Loire Valley.

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