French Guiana

Overseas destinations are eloquent and special as they spread the home culture abroad and earmark an exodus identity in terms of rich patronage and tradition that engraves in the generations to follow. French Guiana is one such overseas destination of the French which has been popular for its tranquility and exotic destinations. It is located in the North Atlantic coast of South America with Brazil and Surname as its neighbors.

French Guiana has its capital in Cayenne which is a metropolitan city. The overall population is very less, thus nature and the natural coastlines are not yet victimized to ultra modern skyscraper infrastructure. The pristine, sordid, rich French heritage is preserved and promoted which make the tourist feel roaming on the streets of France even when being in America.

French Guiana is any day an abode for a geography student as it has a vast expanse of tropical rainforests, mangroves and wetlands. It is one of the best places to study ecosystems with savannahs and inselbergs the other prominent geographical elements. It has an amazing biodiversity which at times, make people wonder struck about the creative and genius of God who led to the creation of millions of living elements apart from the human species. The flora and fauna found in the French Guiana is mesmerizing and it is only because of the fact that nature has not yet been tampered. The forests and the national parks are under preservation which promises an evergreen environment in the region of French Guiana.

French Guiana is an integral part of the European Union. Though it is located in South America, yet the currency in use is Euro. Economically this region has surpassed the development criteria as it has been ranked one of the best performing regions in all the Guianas. On a bigger perspective, the economy of French Guiana has been ranked eleventh in South America, which is surely one of the commendable achievements for an overseas destination.

Though French Guiana has achieved economic benchmarks yet it still largely depends on its mainland, France. It receives many subsidies, exemptions and allowances, which make, it run its economy smoothly. Fisheries, gold mining and timber trade are few of the dominant export commodities which contribute majorly in its GDP. Manufacturing and agriculture are low key activities as most of the commodities are imported from France and as the French Guiana soil is not very fertile, farmers face lot of difficulty in farming and yielding crops.

French Guiana is inhabited with a diverse population. The residential colonies are developed along the coastline which further adds to the picturesque demographics of the regions. Ethnic diversity is the uniqueness of this region as it has witnessed an influx of immigrants from foreign soil primarily from Africa, France, Holland, Spain, Portugal, Haiti, Brazil and America. Thus the official language is French yet a host of other languages are spoken due to the diverse population living in the region.

French Guiana is one of the most noted Guianas located in South America. It has been successful in preserving the rich culture of the French although it has now immigrants from all over the vicinity. Its geographical bliss benchmarks it as a nature’s wonderland. The economy however needs to generate more employment opportunities and better avenues.

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